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Apparatus 1: Listen to Yourself

Words escape from the mouth.

You hear the vibration of your bones.

They travel through space,

Combining with the sounds of others,

the sounds of surroundings ...

Emotions, ideas, thoughts grow.

A tube to listen to your own voice,

To connect your mouth to your ear.

Without it, your sound doesn't reach you,

Now you hear your own voice.

The cycle is complete.

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 1.20.07 PM.png

Apparatus 2: Personal Hurricane Sound Apparatus

A sense of humor is an imporant tool in a survival kit after traumatic experiences. This apparatus is made of just one plastic tube and plaster handle. You blow into one side and hear breath from other side, transformed into a force by the plastic tube. A deceptively simple device, it offers preparation for cataclysmic events. 

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